book review: The V Girl by Mya Robarts

“The V Girl is a brilliantly and beautifully told story of human endurance – in particular female endurance – in the face of deprivation, torture and sexual sublimation, and our ability to love, despite it all.”

doves falling



 Thank you to NetGalley, Xpresso Book Tours and Mya Robarts for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate it!

From its hypnotic cover and intriguing description, I knew I was in for an interesting read with The V Girl, the first novel from author Mya Robarts. What I didn’t expect was to unveil a stirring and horrifyingly accurate portrayal of rape culture, the decaying state of equality, and the brutality of war.

The V Girl should be required reading for anyone who thinks feminism is a bad idea. (If you believe that, get off the planet, but that’s another blog post altogether). It’s the tale of Lila Veraz, a young girl living in a future North America, where rape and sexual slavery are sanctioned by the government – even celebrated, in crude and terrifying “recruitment” ceremonies.

Desperate to lose her virginity before the troops arrive, Lila…

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