News about upcoming releases. Is My BFF’s brother ever going to be published?

“My BFF’s brother” is a Young adult contemporary novella I published on Wattpad many years ago. It’s not a work in progress as it’s already finished. It’s not an upcoming release as I don’t know if I’ll ever share that story with readers again. In Goodreads appears as a 2014 book release. It’d need serious editing and a lot of work for me to feel confident to share a novella like that with the public again. Especially because The V Girl took me a year to polish and it has earned so many good reviews. My writing instinct tells me that the same people who praised The V Girl for its uniqueness would feel underwhelmed with the lack of originality of “My BFF’s brother.” It’s a story as cliché as it sounds and I’m almost positive that if I ever published it, the ratings would reflect that.

However, I know one day, after my current works in project get published, I might revisit my short stories and try to turn them into an anthology. They might not be my brightest works, but I feel love for every single one of them.

I’m currently working on a fantasy project. Whenever I’m not immersed in this fantasy world I return to Post-apocalyptic North America where Nationalists and Patriots are still unable to solve their differences. It takes me longer than other authors to sit down and write because I have ADD and just staying focused is a big challenge for me. I get distracted by anything and everything. That’s also why I refuse to end my stories in cliffhangers. As a reader, I really hate reading cliffhangers. I can’t do this thing I hate to my own readers, I can’t leave my readers hanging knowing it would take such a long time for me to release a sequel.

I don’t know which one of my current works in progress will be ready for publication first, but I know I will publish something new for all of you this year. And I promise I won’t leave you hanging.



I have received some questions about this and I want to set the record straight: Aleksey Fürst is a secondary character of most of the stories I’ve written about the Second Civil War. I’m being very careful with Aleksey’s appearances in the new novels/novellas because I know many of you are waiting for more Lileksey stories. I’m afraid of touching Lila and Aleksey’s story-lines because I love the ending of The V Girl. It took almost a year to find a suitable ending for Lileksey’s story. My projects set during the Second Civil War aren’t sequels to The V Girl, but as they are now you can expect to see a few of your favorite characters. Which characters? That’s a secret for now.

I’m not a Goodreads author so I don’t know whether the Goodreads support team would e-mail you or not to tell you when any of my new releases becomes available. However, if you want to add my new books to your Goodreads TBR list here are the provisional links.

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